PRODUCTS AND SERVICE INFORMATION DELIVERY: Our radio-dispatched fleet of trucks is equipped with professional and courteous drivers. Our bulk delivery trucks range in size from single axle to tandem axle to full transport loads for high volume customers at competitive prices. HEATING OIL: Our premium heating oil is available with an additive to prevent oil break down while in storage and lower soot emissions. KEROSENE: We make delivers of 1-K kerosene that burns cleaner and will not gel like other fuels especially in sub-freezing conditions. ULTRA LOW SULFUR ON-ROAD AND  OFF-ROAD DIESEL: Our diesel products include corrosive inhibitors, detergency and lubricity additives to ensure long injector life. ULTRA LOW SULFUR KEROSENE: We are one of the few distributors who offer red and clear ultra low sulfur kero to school bus contractors and trucking and excavating companies to ensure trouble free operation during sub-freezing temperatures. GASOLINE: Quality, conventional gasoline is available for delivery to residential, commercial and farm use.  Transport loads can be delivered to service stations at competitive prices.  All products are available at our full service station located on scenic state route 118. PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT: Storage tanks are priced to sell from 275 gal up to 3,000 gal commercial fueling tanks along with all the accessories.  The shelves at our full service gas station are stocked with anti-gel products, motor oils, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, ETC. AUTOMATIC DELIVERY: Bear Fuel owns its own storage facilities to generate fuel supply at all times. Our computer degree-day system tells us when you need fuel. ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS: Bear Fuel participates in the Liheap/Crisis programs for all six counties that we serve:  Bradford, Columbia, Luzerne, Lycoming, Sullivan and Wyoming. We also help our customers receive financial assistance from various other programs. PAYMENT OPTIONS: We offer a 10 day same as cash option to our established customers Cash Check or money order Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Fleet cards) Pre-pay Gift Certificates PROMOTIONS: Truck Load Discounts Customer Referral Credit Quantity Discounts BEAR FUEL SERVICE 570-925-6022 “Hibernate with Oil Heat”